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3 Core Steps Toward Becoming a 6-Figure Indie Author

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At some point in any given hobby or business, there's an inevitable plateau. About two years into my author career, I hit that plateau and wasn't quite sure what to do moving forward. That's when I stumbled on Boss Up: Author Like a Boss's 12-week, 6-Figure Author course.

It was some of the most intense twelve weeks of my career to-date. But was it worth it? Yes!

Ella Barnard -- the course instructor -- promises to walk participants through nine core projects:

  • Make a Plan

  • Own Your Brand 

  • Engage Your Readers

  • Work the Algorithms

  • Seize Your Moments

  • Serve Your Business

  • Systematize Your Success

  • Write Quality Stories

  • Refine Your Tribe

Of those nine projects, I want to share my three favorite takeaways!

Make A Plan

Yeah, I know, sounds easy enough, right? Right!

Well, it is.


But really when it boils down to it, like many indie authors I was planning within a certain comfort zone. For example, "I'm going to finish writing my first book by the end of the year." Instead of in a way that encourages action like, "I will publish my book on December 25th. To do that, based what I know about my capabilities and processing time, I will write five chapters a month."

After a few exercises that helped me figure out my writing pace and how long my processing team takes (graphics, editing, etc.) I was able to set some real goals.

6-figure goals.

But did it work? Well, that's where my next favorite takeaway comes in:

Systematize Your Success

Wanna make me swoon? Whisper "workflow" in my ear.

This lady right here loves systems and workflows. If I can plan, organize, and execute something, I am a happy camper.

After I made my plan, it was time to figure out a routine that would help me achieve those goals.

Thing is... since I was attempting to "systematize" my success, I quickly realized that would mean making sure I notice right away when something isn't successful. Then, drop it. Re-systematize. I made it a full month with my new schedule but learned that my #TravelAuthor lifestyle would prove to add some challenges of its own.

Oh you know... like not having internet *shrugs*

And... how it takes me a week to adjust every time we get to a new location.

What's great about the combined "Make a Plan" and "Systematize Your Success" core steps, is that they are flexible. Especially if you don't tell your readers that you're planning to publish a book every five days. Because then if you... don't... you're the only one who knows you didn't hit that goal. Right? Right.

Disclaimer to my readers: I most certainly did not set that goal. Sorry, not sorry (haha)

The beauty is that I can refigure my goal and routine. Every day, if I have to. The primary idea is that I made one; I know what I want and what I am likely capable of withing my realm of abilities. It's just a matter of connecting the grooves.

Ability without dependability is a liability. Ability with dependability increases capability. ~ Shiv Khera

This, of course, brings us to my third favorite takeaway:

Seize Your Moments







Everyone say it with me! "Make your author career a priority."

This is the difference between hobby and career. When I made a plan, created a workflow, and dove in head first... there have been many moments where I've needed to remind myself this is a priority.

Over things like... taking a nap.

Or "writing later."

This core step is the foundation for everything else. Because if you don't prioritize your author career...

What's the point?

There you have it! 3 Core Steps toward Becoming a 6-Figure Indie Author! To join me on the journey all you have to do is start with a plan <3

Happy planning (and writing)!

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