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2021 Top Twelve Noteworthy Romance Authors

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2021 Top Twelve Noteworthy Romance Authors

Every year I try to do something to shine a little light on other authors in the genre. Whether it be my favorite reads of the year, your favorite reads of the year, new authors, etc.

This year, I am highlighting twelve very special authors based on what they give back to the author and reader community or if they have touched me personally. Sometimes that looks like honesty and vulnerability. Other times that looks like selflessness when it comes to supporting others.

Whatever the reason, I really want you to celebrate and support them with me this month.

Click the cover images below to read or add to your TBR!

P.S. To jump right to the Amazon List, click here!

Stephanie Holmes

A Dead & Stormy Night: Nevermore Bookshop Mysteries, #1

Cindy Pike

Broken Soul: The Soul Series, #1

Sofia Ann Hoffman

Claiming the Owl Shifter

Rose Alexander

Ash and Stone: Hidden Truth, #1

Bea Paige

Freestyle: Academy of Stardom, #1

Eva Chase

The Stalking Dead: Gang of Ghouls, #1

Autumn Reed

Scarlett XOXO: Love Notes, #1

Cara North

Awkward: Hollywood Nights

Anita Maxwell

The Sun Queen: The Royal Celestials

Claire Kingsley

Faking Ms. Right: Dirty Martini Running Club, #1

Elaina Jadin

Vested Interest: The Code Series, #1

CoraLee June

Malice: Malice Mafia, #1

There you have it! I hope you give these amazing authors a try if you haven't already. They deserve the love and then some!

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