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Boss Up & Author Like a Boss With Guest Blogger Ella Barnard

You know when you do tons of research, interview experts to make sure your info is correct, spend countless hours revising and editing, completely rewrite the draft because the framework wasn’t quite right, and then finally, after years of refining, it’s complete?

That’s what Boss Up is. It’s a program specifically designed to help women writers become empowered, six-figure indie authors.

"In that moment I made a decision—to create a business where I got to make lots of money, work with people I enjoy, do something I love, and transform the world a little in the meantime." - Ella Barnard

It took me a little while to figure it out. I read dozens of self-help and business books. I attended workshops, conventions, followed the top entrepreneurial blogs, and generally educated myself. And in that process, I learned that I wasn’t the only woman who wanted to quit her job, do what she loved, and create her dream life.

I decided that’s what I wanted to do—help those women.

Women like you, who have a passion and a drive. Women who always wanted to write full-time, and now that self-publishing is a viable career option, are committed to making it work for them. Women with children. Women with full-time jobs. Women who homeschool. Women who get up at four in the morning to write before everyone wakes up, who write on their phone during their lunch break, or who take their little ones to Ikea because they have a play area, tables that fit a laptop just fine, and cheap coffee.

These women inspire me. You inspire me.

It’s women just like I just described who joined the first cohort of my twelve-week program, Boss Up.

They are amazing, they are committed, and they are courageously working through their fears and doubts because they know everything they want in life is on the other side of “F*** it.”

It’s been intense. I originally considered making Boss Up a 12-month program. Author success doesn’t happen overnight, and I wanted to be with my people every step of the way. But ultimately, well, women are super busy, and “finding time” is one of their biggest challenges. With that in mind, I decided to pack everything into twelve transformational weeks.

That’s not a lot of time. Especially when you have—you know—writing and life happening. But it’s enough time for magic to happen.

You should see the progress they’ve made. One participant had barely written in six months when she started, but during Boss Up she wrote and completed two 30,000 word novellas.

On a coaching call, another participant had a break-through on the design of her next book cover that will absolutely increase her readership when she starts running ads to it.

"They are amazing, they are committed, and they are courageously working through their fears and doubts because they know everything they want in life is on the other side of 'F*** it.'" - Ella Barnard

Another author in the program is incredibly prolific, and a little insecure. But that doesn’t stop her from showing up to every single call. She’s determined to make it happen. (And she makes me cry at her bravery almost every time I see her.)

Unfortunately, we’ll need more than twelve weeks to see the full results. But I’m confident in the program—my heart “book”—and like all pieces of art that we share, there’s comfort in knowing that even if only one person is uplifted then it’s made a difference.

...And, like any other artist, I hope to make a difference in the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands, of women writers! We’ll see what happens, but regardless I’m looking forward to seeing my bosses succeed, and grateful that I got to share in a part of their journey.

If you would like to learn more about Boss Up and the Author Like a Boss model, click here

Ella Barnard is an Author Coach and a Marketing Mentor. She coaches women writers to become empowered, 6-figure indie authors in a way that supports their life at home.

After interviewing over seventy successful indie authors on her Author Like a Boss podcast, Ella knows exactly what authors need to do to tell their stories, strut their stuff, and own their savvy.

Connect with Ella in her Facebook group Author Like a Boss and follow her Author Like a Boss Podcast

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