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Page Turner Awards 2020 eBook Finalist Adell Ryan

Countless hours are spent doing research, filling out character sheets, outlining, writing, revising, and editing. Even more hours go into publishing and promoting when that leap is made. However, despite having trudged through — perhaps even after the book has been purchased and reviewed — there is still one more thing most writers need.


Not just any type of validation, but that from peers and industry leaders.

Validation, among other attributes, is what The Page Turner Awards are all about. It’s an awards program specifically designed to help writers launch and/or improve their careers.

"Being a judge in 2020 has a real privilege and also a great escape from what is going on around the world. There was a huge range of amazing writers out there and I applaud them to be very proud of their work. I think that so many people think they have a book, but to go out there and actually write it and put it out into the world is a brave step. I wish everyone the best of luck and hope that people will enjoy reading your work as much as I have." - Judge, Natalie Trice

I am a businesswoman. At the time of this blog post, my ninth novel will publish within the next few weeks. For me, designing graphics, engaging on social media, promoting, and delivering my books to an audience is not terribly difficult.

But, just because I can handle the admin side of the trade and my books sell and have reviews doesn't mean my talent is up to industry standards.

That is a hard truth. In this rapidly expanding independent publishing scene, anyone can publish a book. And, I highly suggest they — you — do. After all, as Paulo Coelho said, "Nothing can substitute experience." That said...

I am not very brave. Reading reviews, receiving constructive criticism from beta readers, and looking over the comments on my promotional ads is a major struggle for me. Imagine the extent of my fear when considering having someone who actually knows what they're doing judge my work. In the famous words of Donnie Brasco, "Forget about it!"

Oh, and I especially run far, far away from popularity contests. I am an introvert. My friends are my characters (and a select few special real-life people). Seeking out validation in terms of "likes" or votes is not my idea of a good time.

I care deeply about the quality of my writing. Albeit, I do write steamy adult romance, which to some is already considered low quality/talent. But, just like many other professional writers, I care about sentence structure, story pacing, limiting pronoun usage and "ly" words, and avoiding plotholes like the plague.

Several books and many supportive readers later, something inside my heart and mind still ached for more. For proof that, hopefully, I am actually good at the creative side of this gig. That my writing is quality and not just hitting a niche market at the right place and the right time.

The Page Turner Awards gave me that outlet. Submitting my work was terrifying. I considered several times emailing them and revoking my submission. But with their flexible options, I was able to find an award process that appeased my horribly lacking confidence and inability to deal with someone telling me my writing was horrible.

How? Well, I was able to opt-out of the Patron award (the one with the most reader votes, i.e. the popularity contest) all the mentorships and critiques and simply have judges read my submission. I would either make it to the finalist round (thus confirming that I am a decent writer) or... I would not. Nothing flashy.

That said, all of those options are amazing and valuable for writers, published and nonpublished. The ability to select your pain level (ha, kidding, kind of) is incredibly advantageous.

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading the submissions. Great talent!" - Judge, Angela Marshall

I received the eBook Award Finalist accolade. **insert mouth drop** Yes, I wanted my work recognized. But did I actually think that would happen? Nope.

Participating in the Page Turner Awards was a big, intimidating step for me. Life-changing. Eye-opening. And... yes... validating.

To top the cake, the novel in the hot seat, was the very first book I wrote. Perfect, the first book in my now completed Her Reverse Genus series.

Receiving this accolade is also an incredible step for the niche poly romance genre that I write. The community is ready for our books to be recognized, and I am so happy my experience with these awards has taken us one more step in the right direction.

Is your book next? If you would like to learn more about the Page Turner Awards, click here.

Sponsored by ProWritingAid, the Page Turner Awards aim to help writers get discovered with possible agency signings and representation, mentorship, and potentially taking a book from page to film.

We want to change careers with success stories from the most impressive 10 pages submitted. If your writing is vivid, cinematic with captivating characters, you should enter our awards so our prestigious judging panel will see your work.

We welcome both emerging writers and established authors who can enter a new, unpublished completed manuscript for our Writing Award Competition or a published book for our eBook Award.

With the sponsorship from ProWritingAid, we can guarantee that ONE writer will be published and possibly many more!

For a chance of securing a publishing contract or a film rights option, plus many more prizes, consider signing up for the next Page Turner Awards.


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