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Boxed Set Alert: Her Reverse Genus by Adell Ryan

romance, reverse harem, best of, 2019
Boxed Set Alert: Her Reverse Genus by Adell Ryan

Shameless self-promotion time! This, my dear friends, family, readers, and blog article scanners, completes my first series. Perfect (Book One) was the cornerstone book for my budding author career; it will forever and ever hold a special place in my heart, mind, and soul.

I wrote a book!!

Scratch that... I wrote an entire series! **fist pump** And now it is available as a collection on Amazon in eBook format or through Kindle Unlimited.

Her Reverse Genus: The Complete Series

Adult Divergent fans will love this smart, near-future speculative, thrill-packed romance!


“Whisper until we can scream in unison.”

✅ Contemporary (near-future!) Science Fiction

✅ Completed Series Box Set

✅ Slow Burn Reverse Harem

The deadline for everyone to submit a mandatory blood sample for the DNA Networking Act is fast approaching, but Thessaly and the four guys on her Reverse Genus list have plans of their own: to find the real reason behind the Act and put a stop to The Program's nefarious plans before it's too late.

“This book had everything. The plot, the characters, the freaking tension. One of the top books in this genre I've read.” – Amazon Customer

“I admit to having some actual anxiety toward the plot, as it’s getting a bit real out here with government threats. Is this just a book? Or is Adell Ryan a dang seer, letting us know about our need to stockpile in our basements now?!” – Amazon Customer

“This complex story that deals with genetic testing of a whole populace, is an interesting subject with the current climate in today's world with COVID.” – Amazon Customer “Dystopian or altered future, this is a RH that fits a scientific void in the genre while still having a slightly PNR feel. Slow burn and rather intense, it hooks from the beginning and drags you into a government conspiracy and an unknown evolution. Fascinating.” – Amazon Customer

P.S. Her Reverse Genus is no longer my only completed series! Check out more here: Completed Series by Adell Ryan

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