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Completed Series Alert: Burnout by Adell Ryan

romance, reverse harem, best of, 2019
Completed Series Alert: Burnout by Adell Ryan

Shameless self-promotion time! This, my dear friends, family, readers, and blog article scanners, completes my second series!

Smoke & Rubber: Burnout (Book #1)

Fuel & Fire: Burnout (Book #2)

Crash & Burn: Burnout (Book #3)


When Remi's father dies and the family business falls under new management, she's forced to tap into her industry knowledge to infiltrate the local street racing scene and aid in a takeover. When she meets the guys in charge of this underground world of fast cars and dirty money, everything changes.

Buckle up for Fast & Furious meets Driven in this high-octane, edge-of-your-seat Reverse Harem Romance!

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