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From 1st Word to 1st Publish

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Book Launch to do list
From 1st Word to 1st Publish

What was your biggest hurdle... as an indie author? And what do you wish you knew going in? These are two questions one of my readers asked me during a live Q&A not too long after I dove head first into this gig. My answer? A to-do list. That's it! When I first started writing and made the decision to take the indie route, I wish someone just handed over a basic list to lead me in the right direction. However, even with a web-browser search there was none to be found.

Publishing for the first time is incredibly intimidating. To be honest, there is a lot to do when publishing each book... but there are even more steps when publishing your first book. Not only are you writing and releasing, you are also getting your name out there for the first time, creating a logo and brand, establishing your business, and so much more.

Without a step-by-step manual, I had to figure it out on the fly. Fortunately for you, each time I completed a step, discovered a program, and learned a new workflow process or technique, I would add that task to a list. That way, I could share my steps with someone who, like me, is just getting started. And what a better time than just four days after I published my third book! Let me just say... the stress and the amount of hard work that goes into it doesn't necessarily lessen with subsequent releases, the dynamic simply changes.

Three books later, this time I had my very own to-do list so I didn't miss a step. Now it's time to share the love with you!

The main topics you'll find on this free, printable are:

  • Useful programs

  • Manuscript process

  • The business

  • Social media presence

  • Spreading the word

  • Street Team

  • ARC Team

Disclaimer: These processes are subjective, just like everything else about the author gig. The list I've created isn't by any means all-inclusive, nor does it hand-hold you through each step; you'll still need to do the research and experience your own trial and error throughout the process. These steps work(ed) for me, but they may not work for you. However, it is my hope that it'll at least push you in the right direction and give you even a small bit of relief during the experience.

I have blogged about how to Plan Your New Year's Resolutions in 5 Simple Steps, breaking down one simple way to organize a writing and publishing goal for aspiring authors. I have shared 5 Fun Writing Websites to Increase Your Word Count and Writing Speed. And, in my last blog post, I gave you a 6 Core Competencies Workbook to help you nail the structure of your story. Now, it's time to get your book out to the world!

Have fun, and Happy writing!

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