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Perfect: Her Reverse Genus

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Adult Divergent fans will love this smart, near-future speculative, thrill-packed romance!

The deadline for everyone to submit a mandatory blood sample for the DNA Networking Act is fast approaching, but Thessaly and the four guys on her Reverse Genus list have plans of their own: to find the real reason behind the Act and put a stop to The Program's nefarious plans before it's too late.


“Dystopian or altered future, this is a RH that fits a scientific void in the genre while still having a slightly PNR feel. Slow burn and rather intense, it hooks from the beginning and drags you into a government conspiracy and an unknown evolution. Fascinating.”

– Amazon Customer

“This book had everything. The plot, the characters, the freaking tension. One of the top books in this genre I've read.”

– Amazon Customer


“I admit to having some actual anxiety toward the plot, as it’s getting a bit real out here with government threats. Is this just a book? Or is Adell Ryan a dang seer, letting us know about our need to stockpile in our basements now?!”

– Amazon Customer


“This complex story that deals with genetic testing of a whole populace, is an interesting subject with the current climate in today's world with COVID.”

– Amazon Customer

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